About VAWA Law

VAWA Law is a non-profit organization that can help you with all the aspects related to VAWA. It can help you in protecting your dignity and right to reside in the United States. VAWA Law is known for its tough advocates who make their clients a priority. They are experts regarding VAWA and they stress the confidentiality of clients. They also act as immigration professionals. VAWA Law has expertise in dealing with cases regarding abused spouses, abused children, domestic violence and sexual assault. VAWA Law comes with enough resources and expertise in the legal field to address all of your unique situations. The organization can help you in easing your path to American citizenship.

What is VAWA?

Cases of abused spouses are very common today in the United States. Most abused spouses are frightened to report the violence they face by their spouse, family members or child. When an abused person is a non-U.S. citizen, he or she is even more frightened. For non-citizen U.S. victims, it might happen that they get deported if they report violence against them to the police or the authorities.

In 1994 Congress passed an act to protect the abused spouse and children. It came to be known as the Violence Against Women Act, or VAWA, which allows self-petition by the victim. It also allows lawful residency of the victim in the U.S. The VAWA act allows immigrants to report or file against the abusers. Victims can file with full confidentiality and they do not need any kind of assistance from the abuser for their petition. Abuse not only means physical. It can also be financial and emotional. In case you are feeling unsafe, it is best to leave your home or place of residence and apply for VAWA self-petition.

What can VAWA Law do for you?

VAWA Law can help you in smooth and seamless submission of your I-360 form for self-petition. The I-360 form is the form which is required for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. VAWA Law can help you gather all the required documents for evidence. The organization can also help in collecting pieces of evidence for abuse, battery or extreme cruelty. For being eligible under VAWA, you need to prove your relationship with the abuser, go through a background check, and undergo a medical exam. VAWA Law can help in making all these procedures much easier for you.

To be eligible under VAWA, you might also need to provide substantial evidence from a psychiatrist to prove emotional abuse. VAWA Law can help you and direct you in every step. They can direct you to local providers for various tests.

Once your form I-360 has been approved, you will be receiving a prima facie determination. This means that the facts presented have been presumed to be completely true. The prima facie is valid for a period of 150 days. VAWA Law can help you in receiving specific benefits using the prima facie if you are the victim of abuse. VAWA Law also assists in applying for work with the help of form I-765. With the approval of I-765, you can start working in the U.S. with no restrictions. If you are married to a U.S. citizen, you can apply for U.S. permanent residency (a green card). VAWA Law can assist you in applying for a green card with Form I-485. In the case that you are married to a permanent resident, you will receive deferred status. This means that you cannot be deported from the U.S.

If you need any assistance regarding VAWA, get in touch with VAWA Law for the best assistance in every step.

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